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Looking for Single Phase Motors in Australia? Contact Edington Agencies

A simple truth shapes the repair industry: single phase motors in Australia are vital. Through electromagnetic force they propel appliances forward - ensuring that fans, heaters, compressors, pool pumps, and refrigerators perform to ...read more.

Don’t Skimp On Quality: Buy the Most Long Lasting Optibelt V Belts in Qld at Edington Agencies

Optibelt v belts are one of the leading high-performance belts on the market today. As v belts are one of the most widely used power transmission devices, every manufacturer has put their own spin on the v belt, making it difficult for some customers to figure out which belt is ...read more.

Invest in High-Quality Optibelt Timing Belts for industrial applications that Won’t Let You Down from Edington Agencies

Optibelt timing belts are used throughout industry where traditional v belts are not suitable, such as where drives requires precision control. Replacing a timing belt before it wears out is key to ...read more.

What are Motor Capacitors and Why Do You Need One

A capacitor is a device that is used to store electrical energy temporarily. A motor capacitor specifically is an electrical device that stores energy and then transfers it to one or ...read more.

Find Durable Belts: Shop for All of Your Mitsuboshi Australia Parts at Edington Agencies

Mitsuboshi in Australia provides top quality motor belts, ranging from v belts to timing belts to even special application belts. Mitsuboshi’s industry component line is one of the ...read more.

Looking for High-Quality, Wholesale Industrial V Belts? Contact Edington Agencies for the Best Variety in QLD

Finding quality, durable industrial v belts can be the key to ensuring your company’s machinery operates efficiently and smoothly, without any hiccups. While industrial v belts are small little components of a much larger machine, these tiny pieces work hard, constantly, to ...read more.

Your Home for Industrial HVAC Motors is Right Here at Edington Agencies

Since 1991, Doug and David Edington have been working on providing electric motor solutions to manufacturers, service providers and equipment designers in Australia. Our core business is selling industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) motors to ...read more.

Looking for HVAC Motors in Australia? Contact Edington Agencies!

In 1991, Doug Edington introduced Queensland to a revolutionary idea: wholesale sourcing for the industrial field. He wanted to connect individuals to superior products and service. To do this he utilised both his own experience - for over thirty years he’d served as an ...read more.

Discover Sterling Service When Seeking Geared Electric Motors in Australia. Edington Agencies Promises Fast and Effective Results

The necessity of geared electric motors in Australia is undeniable. These powerhouses define the industrial world, maintaining process machinery, cranes, mobility devices, and ...read more.

Edington Agencies Connects Consumers to FASCO Fans

For over a century FASCO has connected the industrial market to fractional horsepower, direct replace draft induction, and multi-stage blowers. Its products prove both diverse and dynamic, and it’s developed a reputation for ...read more.

Do You Need Fasco Australia Electric Motors? Edington Agencies Can Provide You with Top Quality Fasco Motors

Finding electric motors made by Fasco in Australia is generally pretty simple. But, if your company needs to order bulk quantities of Fasco motors in Australia, you may find the vendors ...read more.

Team with Edington Agencies for High Quality, Affordable Electric Motors in Brisbane, Australia

Finding high-quality, wholesale electric motors in Australia that are trustworthy is important for any company producing quality electric devices. Finding good, dependable electric motor distributors in Australia is imperative in order to elicit trust from the end customer. Quality electric motors will produce quality devices, so finding a ...read more.

If Your Electric Motor Capacitors Fail, Edington Agencies is Here

An essential part of your HVAC system's motor, a motor capacitor is in charge of keeping a rotor spinning evenly and efficiently. If a capacitor fails, which could happen at any time, the motor will become annoyingly noisy and less efficient, and it could even overheat. Overheating could cause further problems and ...read more.

Learn About EC Motors: Australia is Taking Big Steps Toward Improving Energy Efficiency

EC motors are the next big thing in energy efficiency when it comes to the world of HVAC. The acronym EC stands for "Electronically Commutated", and the unique thing about these motors is that they use that EC power and a brushless rotor to move air. While brushless motors are not a ...read more.

EC Fans, Motors Make the Perfect Upgrade to HVAC Systems

If you haven't thought about your HVAC system in a while, you may be surprised to learn how much more energy efficient you could be with a few simple upgrades. First of all, your HVAC motor could be the ...read more.

Are You Looking to Buy Ebm Papst Fans for Your Condenser Unit? Edington Agencies Has the Right Fan for You

For decades now, ebm papst fans have been considered the standard fan utilised for air movement cooling. Ebm papst fans are often small, and compact, providing space savings for many smaller devices. These fans come in a variety of options, including axial, backward and ...read more.

DC Motors in Australia are on the Rise. Contact Edington Agencies Today to Learn More

In 1820 Danish chemist Hans Christian Ørsted partnered with French mathematician André-Marie Ampère. The two shared a unique vision - to explain the interactions between electric charges and currents, further illuminating the field of magnetostatics. Their work proved revolutionary, especially since it inspired what would ...read more.

Find Dependable, Certified CMG Motors in Brisbane, Australia for All Your Machinery Needs at Edington Agencies

CMG Motors is one of the most popular motor brands in Australia, and is often the perfect brand name choice for any machinery. From HVAC to mining to marine equipment, CMG Australia motors makes a ...read more.

In Need of Wholesale Baldor Motors in Australia? Contact Edington Agencies for the Best Deals and Quality Around

Baldor is one of the most trusted lines for electrical motors in Australia, particularly because they carry such a broad line of industrial electrical motors. Baldor dc motors are also particularly popular. When it comes to purchasing a Baldor dc motor in ...read more.

Searching for Baldor DC Drives? Contact Edington Agencies Today

Since 1991, Edington Agencies has served as a leading provider of wholesale electrics. From our Coorparoo locale, we’ve helped those within the repair industry fulfil both their client needs and their supply chain demands, offering them a dynamic selection of ...read more.

Searching for 12 Volt Geared Motors? Edington Agencies Delivers Premium Brands for Every Need

Every assignment - from faulty compressors to malfunctioning aircon units - proves unique, and every repair professional likewise proves unique. Those within the electrical industry each carry high expectations, and trying to meet those expectations is a ...read more.

Experience Local Support When Searching for 3 Phase Induction Motors. Contact Edington Agencies

Off-shore sourcing proves ideal for established franchises and large-scale corporations. These repair industry companies find no difficulty in securing 3 phase induction motors. Their reputations, and sizes, ensure steady supplier ...read more.

Edington Agencies is Proud to Provide a Wide Range of Ziehl Abegg Fans to Australian Shoppers

Edington Agencies has been serving Brisbane and all of Australia since 1991 with a massive warehouse and vast website. We are a premier location for all manner of electric motors, fans, power transmission and air movement products and more. We carry a wide variety of ...read more.

Where to Find Products from Ziehl Abegg Australia

When you think of big names in fans and motors, Ziehl Abegg usually comes to mind. The German manufacturer produces all manner of motors and fans, which are typically used in HVAC applications. With over 100 years of experience, the team at Ziehl Abegg is dedicated to ...read more.

Finding the Best Variable Speed Electric Motors in Queensland

Variable speed electric motors are meant for use when you need precision control of speed and power. These motors have adjustable ranges when it comes to speed, and they're widely used in both industrial and commercial applications. Also known as variable frequency drives or ...read more.

Shop SPG Motors at Australia’s Queensland Based, Independently Owned Electrical Wholesaler, Edington Agencies

SPG motors are one of Australia’s most popular geared and precision electric motors. Their motors are well suited for a plethora of appliances, vehicles, and machinery, ranging from large-scale industrial machines to smaller household appliances. Finding SPG motors in Australia is ...read more.

Keep Your Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems Running, with New Ziehl Abegg Motors from Edington Agencies

When your business experiences an air conditioner breakdown or ventilation issue in the summertime, the results can be disastrous. Office environments become miserable places to work, and retail stores lose customers for no other ...read more.

Don't Go International: Count on Edington Agencies as Your Ziehl Abegg Fans Distributor

It's always an attractive option to think of sourcing offshore. The prices are often cheaper, and the international distributors have access to a wide range of electric motor brands and designs—freeing your service business from ...read more.

Edington Agencies: Brand New Electric Motors for Every Application

If there is one thing we have learned at Edington Agencies since first opening our doors in 1991, it's that most suppliers of electric motors like to tout their products as the most affordable on the market. The way we see it, ...read more.

Providing Australia With the Power of Geared Electric Motors from Transtecno, Including Helical and Worm Gearbox Options

Geared electric motors power Australia, its businesses, and its industries every day, always performing behind the scenes and often out of sight. When a breakdown occurs, though, their importance quickly becomes apparent and replacing ...read more.


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