Electric Motor Power papst Pty. Ltd. (EMPpapst) is a wholly owned Australian Company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of Permanent Magnet DC Motors up to 540 Watts.

Currently the company manufactures three sizes of Permanent Magnet DC motors covering a range between 90 Watts and 540 Watts continuous 12 – 180V DC.

Series 3 Diameter 80mm/80-120 Watts continuous
Series 4 Diameter 101mm/150-250 Watts continuous
Series 5 Diameter 126mm/375-540 Watts continuous
Our motor frames are designed and manufactured according to IEC standard. We also specialise in custom built units to suit any voltage from 12V up to 240V DC, as well as speeds up to 5000rpm.

In addition EMP manufactures right angle gear boxes which can be supplied in three different gear ratios (13;1, 21;1, 55;1 ). The gear boxes are an integral part of our Series 3 motor. Standard IEC frame gear boxes can easily be attached on all our motors including frames: 56-B5 & B14, 63-B5 & B14, 71-B5 & B14.

EMP Motors can be supplied with the following options.

Customised flanges,
Customised drive shafts,
Shaft extensions for electromagnetic brakes, and tacho feedback
The advantages of our motors are:

High efficiency
High power to weight ratio
Easy brush access
Aesthetic pleasing
Custom made specials

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