The Fasco motors group is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty fractional horsepower electric motors and blowers. Fasco Asia Pacific operates from two manufacturing facilities, Australia and Thailand.

Fasco motors Thailand was formed in April 1997 and Fasco Australia consolidated its manufacturing operations into the one site in Melbourne during August 1999.

Fasco Asia Pacific produces single and three phase motors with outputs between 2 and 3800 watts in frame sizes including “C” frame skeleton, NEMA 32, 38, 42, 48, 56 & 66 frames allowing the selection of the best motor for the application. Current applications include refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation, swimming pool and spa pumps, household appliances, air compressors, farming equipment, cement mixers and catering equipment.

For more than a century Fasco has been designing and manufacturing the industry’s most respected line of fractional horsepower electric motors. In mid 2007, Fasco became part of the Regal Beloit Corporation. Regal Beloit is a leading international manufacturer of electrical and mechanical motion control components.

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