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Danfoss VLT Drive


Trust Edington Agencies to Provide the Danfoss VLT Drive You Need

For everything from HVAC to refrigeration, a Danfoss VLT drive can bring powerful, variable speed performance to the table. At Edington Agencies, we are proud to bring products from the Danfoss VLT range to our clients and customers throughout Australia.

Why Customers Should Use Danfoss Variable Speed Drives

Why is a VLT drive from Danfoss the right option for your business? Here are a few of the reasons that more and more customers are turning to Danfoss for their cooling system needs:

  • The Danfoss brand track record: Danfoss is not new to the world of cooling a
      nd heating. On the contrary, the business was founded back in 1933, in Nordborg, Denmark. Today, the company has nearly 30,000 employees and is known for designing and manufacturing drives for food refrigeration, air conditioning, building heating, electric motor control and even aspects of solar power and renewable energy.

    • The Danfoss VLT range: The range of available VLT drives from Danfoss is extensive. It includes basic drives for running pumps and fans, energy efficient drives for pumping water or wastewater, tough and rugged Danfoss drives for HVAC and more. There is a drive for virtually every application.
    • The quality: Danfoss manufactures its drives to give customers gains that they can’t get from other brands. The company’s refrigeration drives are built to provide significant energy savings, while the HVAC drives are capable of operating in tough outdoor conditions.

    Put simply, whether you are looking for a drive that can control the motors in a key food processing machine, or considering a Danfoss drive for a cooling tower, the company has something fitting to offer.

    Benefits of Shopping with Edington Agencies

    Why should you choose Edington Agencies to help you find the right Danfoss drive for pump control or HVAC system management? Here are a few of the benefits of working with our brand specifically:

    • Our customer service: At the centre of our reputation is our knack for delivering friendly, efficient and knowledgeable customer service. Our customer service associates have a vast knowledge of different electric motors, pumps and drives. If you aren’t sure which product is right for your purposes, we can offer the helpful and qualified advice you need.
    • Our large inventory: As you will see from exploring our website, we have a large range of different products from different brands. We keep a substantial inventory of these products on-site, to ensure that we can provide rapid dispatch when a customer purchases a product. This way, if you have a breakdown and need a replacement drive for your HVAC system, you can minimise downtime just by shopping with us.
    • Our strong reseller network: When you buy products online, it can be difficult to get product support if you need assistance with a part you bought. That isn’t the case with us, as we have a strong reseller network throughout Queensland and northern NSW. These resellers can provide local support and service, if you need it.

    Why Danfoss VLT Drives Are Cost-Effective

    Danfoss variable speed drives are smartly designed, well-made and crafted to deliver above and beyond benefits in categories ranging from energy efficiency to longevity. Trusting Danfoss over an inferior brand will yield better results for your business. To find the right Danfoss VLT drive, contact us today.