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In 1820 Danish chemist Hans Christian Ørsted partnered with French mathematician André-Marie Ampère. The two shared a unique vision – to explain the interactions between electric charges and currents, further illuminating the field of magnetostatics. Their work proved revolutionary, especially since it inspired what would become DC motors.

These motors were traditionally the backbone of the industrial world, powering locomotives, cable cars, and heavy machinery where DC power was efficiently available. With the advent of AC supply networks and the AC motor, it seemed as though the DC platform would fade.

All trends eventually return, however, and with the development of efficient electronic sources of DC power DC motors in Australia are making a slow (but steady) comeback, with the industry noting their lower consumption demands, enhanced torque, and streamlined designs. They remain a very important part of industrial and commercial control systems.

This is why Edington Agencies wishes to connect our customers to a premium DC selection. We deliver wholesale efficiency and a massive inventory, helping service professionals find the options they need. Choose from brands like Baldor, SPG, FASCO, and more.

Understanding the subtle changes of the repair industry proves key to our customers’ satisfaction. Our team studies all emerging technologies (even ones making comebacks) to better address all needs. To learn more about DC motors in Australia contact us today:


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