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EC Fans Motors


EC Fans, Motors Make the Perfect Upgrade to HVAC Systems

If you haven’t thought about your HVAC system in a while, you may be surprised to learn how much more energy efficient you could be with a few simple upgrades. First of all, your HVAC motor could be the biggest thing holding you back from running a more efficient system. New technology in the world of HVAC has brought the EC motor to the market, and it’s one of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of your property.

What are EC Motors?

An EC, or “Electronically Commutated”, motor is one that gives you precision control of the motor’s speed, allowing you to maximise efficiency and minimise wasted energy especially when compared to traditional AC motors. When used in a HVAC system, this means the total energy consumed by your HVAC system is considerably less than it otherwise would be with an AC motor, because these cooling fan motors can be a significant portion of the total energy costs of a system.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

In HVAC systems there are a lot of areas in which energy is can be wasted, which means that more energy must be produced than is otherwise needed in a more efficient system. Since most methods of energy production are harmful to the environment, using only the energy you need helps protect the planet. It’s important to note that energy production isn’t free – by reducing the amount of energy you use, your electric bill will be much smaller every month. So start saving energy today and visit Edington Agencies to look into buying EC fan motors.