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Learn About EC Motors: Australia is Taking Big Steps Toward Improving Energy Efficiency

EC motors are the next big thing in energy efficiency when it comes to the world of HVAC. The acronym EC stands for “Electronically Commutated”, and the unique thing about these motors is that they use that EC power and a brushless rotor to move air. While brushless motors are not a new development, the EC motors Australia and the rest of the world are getting excited about are very exciting in that they use a fraction of the energy that other more traditional motors use.

Precision Control in a Motor is Key

When combined with electronic controls, EC motors are able to constantly monitor the speed of the motor itself very accurately. This information is displayed through external sources so that the speed of the motor can be controlled accordingly, meaning that efficiency is maximised and unnecessary energy is never expended. EC motors are surprisingly silent, adding another benefit to using one of these motors instead of a more traditional option.

Edington Agencies is Your Home for EC Motors Australia

If you’re interested in purchasing an EC motor, Edington Agencies is the best place to do it. We are a family owned business that sells electric motors of all types, and we have a wide selection of EC motors at great prices. Whether you want to buy in bulk for an industrial project or simply increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC or commercial refrigeration unit, you can’t go wrong with an EC motor.