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Providing Australia With the Power of Geared Electric Motors from Transtecno, Including Helical and Worm Gearbox Options

Geared electric motors power Australia, its businesses, and its industries every day, always performing behind the scenes and often out of sight. When a breakdown occurs, though, their importance quickly becomes apparent and replacing failed units is a priority that often jumps to the forefront. At Edington Agencies, we pride ourselves on providing a consummate service to all our clients seeking new geared motors for their applications.

While a direct deal with a product manufacturer may seem the ideal scenario, they may not have specific knowledge of your industry or particular application. Therefore, it is more often up to the client to understand what they need up front. Our approach prioritises top-of- the-line customer service that emphasises personal contact with the individuals who will handle your order from start to finish.

Now Edington Agencies can offer our clients access to even more versatile products with the addition of the Transtecno line of modular gearboxes to our inventory. As the premier source for a Transtecno gearbox in Australia, we can help you navigate the intricacies of this high-performance product. Adaptable to both worm and helical gearbox configurations, among others, Transtecno products are perfect for everything from commercial conveyor belts to heavy duty industrial applications.

Choosing a Transtecno gearbox in Australia

With motors offering modularity, it is easy to configure a product that can deliver the performance and efficiency required by the job at an agreeable price point. Transtecno provides a variety of dependable hardware suitable for work across many industries. For example, should you need a worm gearbox for an electric motor, you can trust that a model from this line will feature quality craftsmanship and long-term durability. Even for tough gear reduction setups, the solid cast aluminium housing stands up to the task.

These products also frequently feature permanent internal lubrication designed for a long life. This synthetic oil product ensures that every helical gearbox continues to deliver smooth performance even with a high number of daily starts. This level of care and foresight goes into every product, and it is a key part of why Edington Agencies is proud to offer these solutions to the Australian market.

Let our staff help you locate the ideal products today

With more than 30 years of service in the industry, Edington Agencies has accumulated a vast wealth of product knowledge, situational experience, and developed a robust understanding of the applications for geared electric motors. Whether our customers require a brand new helical gearbox for an electric motor or a replacement for a more specific product, we’ll leverage our extensive inventory to connect them with the ideal product.

With the added power of Transtecno products, that inventory can now cover an even greater range of applications. No matter your industry, when a situation demands a powerful electric motor gearbox, make your first call one to Edington Agencies. Let our staff know today about your requirements, and let us know how we can help. To find out more, please contact us now.

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Our experienced team – all delivering the experience and dedication of our company founder Doug Edington – promises to respond to all questions, comments, or enquiries. We’ll deliver key information about geared electric motors in Australia, and we’ll filter that knowledge into a custom repair plan. Let us source, sell, and reply.