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How do Evaporative Coolers Work?


Evaporative coolers are cooling devices based on the principle that water absorbs heat when it evaporates. In basic terms, warm air is drawn through some sort of wet filter and comes out colder on the other side.

This type of cooler has been in use since ancient times, though obviously the modern versions are way more effective. Hanging a wet sack in the window of your bush shack on a breezy day was a primitive form of evaporative cooling. In late 19th-century Australia, food was kept fresher with clever evaporative-cooling invention the Coolgardie Safe.

The Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Benefits include (but are not limited to):

Rather than recycling the same air over and over again as is done with mechanical cooling, evaporative cooling needs to continually bring in fresh outside air in order to work. This outside air is generally filtered, too.

Evaporative coolers also add moisture to the air, which can help to counteract the natural dryness in certain climates.

Thirdly, unlike other air-conditioning, evaporative coolers don’t require the use of potentially harmful-to-the-environment refrigerants. On top of this, they tend to be much more energy efficient, making them an even more eco-friendly choice than their counterparts.

The Drawbacks of Evaporative Cooling

Drawbacks include:

Evaporative coolers require a steady supply of water, and if this water contains impurities, it can cause problems with the device’s efficient/safe operation.

These coolers also struggle to perform at their best in humid conditions. They will make the air even more humid, which is obviously not ideal in an indoor situation.

Evaporative Cooler Components from Edington Agencies

At Edington Agencies, Fasco is one of our trusted brands, and we stock both Fasco Evaporative Cooler Motors and Fasco Evaporative Cooler Pumps.

The Fasco Evaporative Cooler Motor has a heavy rolled steel shell and outputs at low noise levels. It accepts a wide range of inputs, features Class F insulation and has built-in thermal overload protection.

The Fasco Evaporative Cooler Pump has a clip-on water shield and contains noise-tested ball bearings. Designed to suit Aussie conditions and with proven reliability, it also has built-in thermal overload protection. A filter basket is available for this pump if wanted.

Along with the above items, we carry additional motors that may be employed with evaporative coolers. For example, the CMG Single Phase CW Motors and the CMG Three Phase CW Motors. These locally produced motors are known for their configurability and their versatility.

Furthermore, our expert staff can recommend any other parts that might be necessary for your evaporative cooling project – whether you’re starting from scratching, updating or just repairing/maintaining.

Need an Evaporative Cooler Motor or Pump?

Edington Agencies can sort you out with one of our great Fasco products. We offer competitive prices and Australia-wide delivery, with items usually dispatched in 24 hours subject to availability. You can contact us by calling (07) 3397 4575, emailing, or using either the general enquiry form located here or one of the enquiry forms linked to specific items.