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Shop SPG Motors at Australia’s Queensland Based, Independently Owned Electrical Wholesaler, Edington Agencies

SPG motors are one of Australia’s most popular geared and precision electric motors. Their motors are well suited for a plethora of appliances, vehicles, and machinery, ranging from large-scale industrial machines to smaller household appliances. Finding SPG motors in Australia is relatively easy due to the brand’s popularity, but finding a wholesale distributor for SPG motors in Australia who not only understands the product line, but also how to effectively use these devices, can be much more difficult. Whether your company is in the repair industry or manufacturing business, SPG motors and accessories from the independently owned Edington Agencies can help you construct a better machine.

Edington Agencies heritage goes back to the early 1960s with Doug Edington, beginning as an electrical repair business. Since then, the company has transcended into the electrical part supply industry, and is proud to be one of Queensland’s largest independently owned suppliers of motors and accessories. Best of all, Edington Agencies doesn’t just sell parts and motors; their professional staff members understand the electrical motor industry, as many of them have many decades of experience in the field. If you want a wholesaler that you can trust and also ask for advice on different SPG motors and parts, Edington Agencies can help.

Stop by Edington Agencies’ Coorparoo facility to find out more about their SPG motors and other motor parts.