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Why we choose to partner with Transtecno


Edington Agencies has been partnering with Transtecno for a while now. During this time, they continue to deliver product innovation that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Continuous innovation

The Transtecno Group make significant investments in the research and development of their products. This focus on innovation is what maintains the band’s position as leaders in the geared motor and electric motor industries. Furthermore, they have high technical standards. This translates to huge benefits for distributors (like us) and our valued customers, including the wide range of machine builders, operators and manufacturers who now use and trust the Transtecno brand.

Geared Motor Specialists

Transtecno are renowned for listening to, and delivering on, their users requests. It’s through this feedback loop that Transtecno continue to refine their geared motor range in both variety, size and performance. Transtecno small gearmotors are compact and well designed, making them suitable for a wealth of sectors and applications.  Our Transtecno geared motor range includes right angle wormgear, helical inline, bevel, pre-stage right angle and parallel shaft mount configurations.

The Transtecno geared motor applications are endless, but particularly suitable where high torque is required. From industrial applications, to the processing of natural resources and manufacturing – the versatility of the Transtecno range allows us to cater for a diverse range of customers.

Flexibility and support

Do you have a product or project on the drawing board that requires a geared motor? Our range of Transtecno gear motors can be designed for and integrated into a vast number of applications. With an office and distribution network based out of Melbourne, Victoria, this allows Transtecno to respond promptly to the specific needs of our customers.

Whether your company has need of a worm gear motor, a reversible gear motor, an inline gear motor, or even a 3 phase gear motor, we partner with leading brands so as to be your go-to gear motor supplier.  To chat with an expert about your geared motor requirements, give us a call on 07 3397 4575.