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Your Guide to Linear Actuators


In this blog entry, we will define linear actuators and explain some of their uses, then take a brief look at Danish company Linak, which manufactures these vital components. Finally, we will give you an overview of the range of Linak actuators available from us here at Edington Agencies.

What is a Linear Actuator?

The key word is “linear”, meaning “in a straight line”, because what linear actuators do is create linear motion from the rotation of electric motors. These components are so useful because they can push and/or pull at the touch of a button. They are used in computing devices, dampers, door locks, jacks, power tools, industrial machinery, medical equipment, valves and so on. Among the advantages of the various sorts of linear actuators are their cost-effectiveness, relative simplicity, ability to repeat a motion exactly and ability to operate at high speeds. On the other hand, as nothing is perfect, one minor disadvantage is their being prone to wear, while you also need to use the right linear actuator for the job or some functionality may not be possible.

Who are Linak?

At Edington Agencies we carry Linak brand linear actuators. Linak are a Danish firm with offices and factories around the world, including in Australia. The name is actually a contraction of “Lineær Aktuator”, which is fitting since the linear actuator was invented in 1979 by Bent Jensen, who then refocused his family’s business on this brilliant creation.

Our Range of Linear Actuators

We stock five main Linak actuators –

  • The Linak LA12 linear actuator: This Linak actuator is rated to a maximum thrust of 500N (50kg). Its max speed is 40mm/second. It is suitable for 12/24V DC and 3/2A. Applications include automation, ventilation and other systems where short movement is required.
  • The Linak LA22 linear actuator: Maximum thrust of 400N (40kg). Max speed of 37mm/second. Suitable for 12/24V DC and 6/3A. Designed with a small overall dimension to suit certain agricultural, industrial and rehabilitation-related uses.
  • The Linak LA28 linear actuator: Maximum thrust of 3000N (300kg). Max speed of 32mm/second. Suitable for 12/24V DC and 9/5A. Found in hospital beds, outdoor equipment and more.
  • The Linak LA30 linear actuator: Maximum thrust of 3500N (350kg). Max speed of 52mm/second. Suitable for 12/24V DC and 20/10A. Can be supplied in many customised versions, making it a very versatile actuator.
  • The Linak LA31 linear actuator: Maximum thrust of 6000N (600kg). Max speed of 24mm/second. Suitable for 12/24V DC and 4A. A quiet, powerful actuator with built-in limit switches that’s intended for care beds and other furniture, etc.

Your Source for Linear Actuators – and Much More!

Edington Agencies stocks the top brands such as Linak, offer competitive prices and deliver nationwide, usually dispatching within 24 hours (subject to availability). You can call us on (07) 3397 4575, email, or use either the general online enquiry form here or one of the forms linked to individual items. Our friendly team will make sure you find the electric motors, etc. to meet your project requirements.