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Ziehl Abegg Australia


Where to Find Products from Ziehl Abegg Australia

When you think of big names in fans and motors, Ziehl Abegg usually comes to mind. The German manufacturer produces all manner of motors and fans, which are typically used in HVAC applications. With over 100 years of experience, the team at Ziehl Abegg is dedicated to producing high-quality products that are both efficient and durable. As an international company, it’s no surprise that there are offices in Australia and New Zealand, and Ziehl Abegg Australia has quickly become a popular brand name all over the country.

Edington Agencies is a Proud Carrier of Ziehl Abegg Australia Products

Here at Edington Agencies, we have a close relationship with the fan and motor titan, sourcing our products directly from them. This makes us one of the best places to buy their products, as we are able to offer competitively low prices on their entire line of fans and motors. We are an Australian-born company that is based in QLD, but ships all over the country, so if you’re looking to get your hands on a Ziehl Abegg product, our website is the best place to start. Serving a wide variety of Australian individuals and companies since our inception in 1991, we’ve become a trusted name in the world of HVAC motors and fans. While we specialise in HVAC products, we also have products available for those in the general purpose electrical and refrigeration industries. Browse through our site to see that we carry just what you’re looking for when it comes to Ziehl Abegg Australia.