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Don’t Go International: Count on Edington Agencies as Your Ziehl Abegg Fans Distributor

It’s always an attractive option to think of sourcing offshore. The prices are often cheaper, and the international distributors have access to a wide range of electric motor brands and designs—freeing your service business from having to keep a large inventory on hand.

However, as you work with an international distributor, you may find that they reality of the experience is very different from the expectation. Offshore suppliers are inflexible, difficult to communicate with and often reluctant or unwilling to start small. If you run an independent repair business, your international supplier might not be willing to give you the time and attention you deserve.

Furthermore, the real fact with some electric motor repair jobs is that service companies like yours can’t afford to wait for an offshore supplier to provide a repair component. This point is true particularly if you work in the HVAC&R repair industry. HVAC&R motors are essential to keep air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems working—both in the home and the workplace. When a business has an HVAC&R motor failure and calls your service company for a repair, that client can’t wait a few days for a new motor: they can, at most, wait a couple of hours.

Edington Agencies: A Faster Way to Get a Ziehl Abegg Fan Motor

At Edington Agencies, we can give your business a better way of sourcing electric motors. We are a trusted Ziehl Abegg distributor based in Coorparoo, Queensland—as well as a supplier of countless other motor brands and types. Ziehl Abegg is known internationally for manufacturing quality HVAC&R motors. Since Edington has a substantial on-site inventory of Ziehl fans, we can support your business and help you provide a local HVAC&R repair much faster than you would ever be able to do with an offshore dealer.

Our status as a Ziehl Abegg distributor is just one of the factors that make Edington Agencies more reliable than an offshore supplier. A supplier needs to be able to work with you as your business grows, and that’s precisely what we will do at Edington. Offshore suppliers have too many clients to concern themselves with smaller service contractors or newer businesses just getting started.

At Edington Agencies, we are happy and willing to help new businesses or smaller operations get a foothold in the electric motor service industry. We welcome small-volume customers and are always prepared to adjust trading terms to suit the ongoing growth of our clients. With a huge on-site inventory at our Coorparoo location, including motors in a wide range of different sizes from many reliable brands, we are able to handle orders of virtually any size.

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Whether you need to order a new Ziehl Abegg fan for an HVAC&R repair in your area, or just want to know a bit more about Edington Agencies and how we work, we invite you to get in touch today. You can contact us either via telephone (on 07 3397 4575) or by email (at