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3 Phase Induction Motors


Experience Local Support When Searching for 3 Phase Induction Motors. Contact Edington Agencies

Off-shore sourcing proves ideal for established franchises and large-scale corporations. These repair industry companies find no difficulty in securing 3 phase induction motors. Their reputations, and sizes, ensure steady supplier relationships.

However, Edington Agencies knows that smaller start-ups have very different experiences. Off-shore distributors hesitate to build relationships with these types of companies, fearing that their lower volumes and localised service areas will deliver minimal profits. Accessing premium brands becomes a challenge.

It’s a challenge we help individuals overcome. As the leading wholesaler of 3 phase induction motors in Queensland, Edington Agencies welcomes customers of all sizes and experiences. We understand that off-shore sourcing is problematic and so we promote local support, tailoring our trading terms as needed and striving always to connect clients to the parts they need.

We combine this with stellar service, competitive prices, and a vast understanding of induction technology (our founder, Doug Edington, worked within the electrical repair field for over four decades and instilled that same dedication within our team. This allows us to now provide proactive solutions for every client). Local sourcing delivers many rewards.

To learn more about our 3 phase induction motors – as well as our DC motors, HVAC motors, EC motors, single phase motors, and other inventory options – contact us today: