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Baldor DC Motors


In Need of Wholesale Baldor Motors in Australia? Contact Edington Agencies for the Best Deals and Quality Around

Baldor is one of the most trusted lines for electrical motors in Australia, particularly because they carry such a broad line of industrial electrical motors. Baldor dc motors are also particularly popular. When it comes to purchasing a Baldor dc motor in bulk quantities, many companies are often unsure where to turn. Is turning to overseas vendors for bulk Baldor dc motors the smartest move? Or is it better to buy Baldor motors in Australia directly from the major distributor?

The problem with purchasing dc motors overseas is that the entire process takes a very long time (particularly the shipping and transit process), and you might miss important deadlines or goals (not to mention the price of transit). While this seems to leave ordering from the manufacturer as the best way to order bulk motors, manufacturers often are not used to shipping directly to customers, opting to ship to vendors instead. Since vendors order in bulk for many customers, they often receive better prices for their massive orders, so some manufacturers may charge individual companies placing much smaller orders much more per dc motor. On the other hand, many manufacturers need to move product so they may not sell smaller quantities to small businesses that do not need as many bulk motors.

With these options exhausted, many companies choose to turn to vendors for Baldor motors in Australia, but may find chain vendors are difficult to work with or expensive. What option does this leave? Luckily for Australia companies needing Baldor motors quickly and cost effectively, Edington Agencies, an independently owned and operated motor supply vendor, offers great deals on wholesale motors and parts, for all of the top brands.

Edington Agencies in Australia – Premium Motors and Parts at Competitive Prices

Edington Agencies is one of Australia’s most prominent wholesale providers of efficient motors and accessories, carrying top brands like Baldor, SPG, and EMP. Edington Agencies works directly with customers (both large and small companies) to get them the best deals on the motors or parts they need to keep their machinery running efficiently. Edington Agencies has been operating for 25 years, so you can also be certain that their staff understand the electrical motor industry, inside and out.

The selection of Baldor motors at Edington Agencies is quite extensive, with motors such as: ac and dc motors, motion control motors, and single phase motors. Talk to Edington Agencies about which motor would be best for your device to get professional tips and advice.

If you need bulk quantities of Baldor motors in Australia, stop hassling with vendors and overseas agents and call Edington Agencies on 07 3397 4575. They can provide you with rich industry knowledge of electrical motors, tips on which device will work best for you, as well as offer competitive rates on your order.