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EBM Papst Fans


Are You Looking to Buy Ebm Papst Fans for Your Condenser Unit? Edington Agencies Has the Right Fan for You

For decades now, ebm papst fans have been considered the standard fan utilised for air movement cooling. Ebm papst fans are often small, and compact, providing space savings for many smaller devices. These fans come in a variety of options, including axial, backward and forward curve radials, diagonal compacts, centrifugal, and basket grilles. Ebm papst fans are often used to help cool condenser or air handling units (as well as other HVAC equipment. If you have been looking for the correct fan for your device, but aren’t sure who to turn to, Edington Agencies can help get you back on track.

Founded in 1991, Edington Agencies has become one of Queensland’s largest independently owned sellers of electric motors and corresponding parts. Their on-site location is in Coorparoo. Most of Edington Agencies’ business is targeted specifically towards HVAC&R supplies. Unlike other wholesale providers of motors and electrical accessories, Edington Agencies has the knowledge of the industry and their suppliers, in order to better serve their customers. In fact, combined, their staff has decades of experience within the electric motor industry.

If you are in need of a high-quality ebm papst fan for your air conditioner, air condenser, or other application, stop by Edington Agencies for the best supplies and best advice around. Their professional staff can help you find the device best suited to your needs.