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Electric Motor Capacitors


If Your Electric Motor Capacitors Fail, Edington Agencies is Here

An essential part of your HVAC system’s motor, a motor capacitor is in charge of keeping a rotor spinning evenly and efficiently. If a capacitor fails, which could happen at any time, the motor will become annoyingly noisy and less efficient, and it could even overheat. Overheating could cause further problems and destroy other parts of the motor, and in some cases, failed electric motor capacitors won’t allow a motor to start at all, so it’s important to fix the problem quickly.

Buying New Electric Motor Capacitors

You have many options when it comes to purchasing electrical parts, but none give you the advantages that Edington Agencies do. We are a locally and family owned and operated company that has been working in Queensland since 1991, and we specialise in the sale of electric motors and parts- specifically ones for HVAC applications. We source our products directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to keep prices low, and our unique experience in the industry makes us knowledgeable and professional. We’ll be able to help you locate the exact part you need, whether you’re looking for electric motor capacitors or an entire new electric motor itself.