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Edington Agencies: Brand New Electric Motors for Every Application

If there is one thing we have learned at Edington Agencies since first opening our doors in 1991, it’s that most suppliers of electric motors like to tout their products as the most affordable on the market. The way we see it, the best price or the quickest turnaround time—while attractive perks—are both factors that count for nothing if the motor doesn’t do the job.

For this reason, Edington Agencies has always focused not on having the lowest price or the quickest delivery/repair times, but on delivering a reliable, high-quality service every single time. There are thousands of variants in electric motors on the market. Each different motor is meant for a specific application, and different brands only complicate matters. As a result, identifying the right motor for a repair job is a process that takes care and attention to detail—not to mention a deep knowledge of the brands that are reliable and the ones that are not.

The Edington Agencies promise is this: we will first and foremost make it our responsibility to identify the right electric motors for specific jobs. We will then use our massive on-site inventory to find and supply the appropriate product at a competitive price and on a timely basis. We won’t blindly promise you the quickest or cheapest service on the market, but between our knowledge, our industry experience and our large inventory, we are often able to source motors cheaper and quicker than the suppliers that need to order the proper parts.

If you wish to enquire about our services at Edington Agencies, call us today on 07 3397 4575.