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Fasco Australia Electric Motors


Do You Need Fasco Australia Electric Motors? Edington Agencies Can Provide You with Top Quality Fasco Motors

Finding electric motors made by Fasco in Australia is generally pretty simple. But, if your company needs to order bulk quantities of Fasco motors in Australia, you may find the vendors offering these services seem to disappear. It can be difficult to find wholesale Fasco motors from distributors in Australia that fit within your company’s budget. Likewise, some smaller businesses need to purchase smaller bundles of Fasco electric motors in Australia, but are forced to order more than needed from large supply chain vendors, or wait too long to receive their orders from overseas vendors.

Discover Edington Agencies – A Premiere Provider of Fasco Motors in Australia

One solution that many companies in Australia are turning to is the unique wholesale operating style of the Coorparoo based Edington Agencies. As a growing electric motor vendor that has grown exponentially since their initial opening in 1991, Edington Agencies has evolved with modern technologies to provide the best names and designs of electric motors in the industry to their customers at the lowest possible rates.

Edington Agencies staffs professionals who have many decades of combined experience within the electric motor field, and thus, are very well versed in how to operate their products, as well as knowledgeable on changes and innovations within the industry. They are dedicated to customer service and forming long-lasting customer relationships, and also, very focused on the quality of the electric motors that they sell. Edington Agencies understand that the quality of your product starts with the quality of the electric motor you are putting inside of it, so they strive to only provide the best-rated, most reputable devices. They can also help you better decide which type of electric motor would work best for you.

Types of Motors Offer through Edington Agencies

Since Edington Agencies is dedicated to offering only quality products, they sell many of the most popular electric motor brands. These high-end brands include Marathon, EMP, CMG, WEG, Optibelt, Ametek, and, of course, Fasco (often referred to as Fasco Australia).

Their line of Fasco motors in Australia include single and three phase motors for air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, and different water pump machines, as well as evaporate cooler motors. Since Fasco Australia is now the only distribution site for these motors (currently based in Melbourne), Edington Agencies is able to quickly provide you the Fasco motors and accessories that you need to make your deadlines.

If you are looking for a better provider of Fasco motors in Australia or simply want to consider your options, give Edington Agencies a call to find out how they can help you better your business. Or, if you would rather talk in person, swing by their facility at: 44 Harries Road, Coorparoo, QLD 4151 to talk with a friendly member of their staff.