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Looking for HVAC Motors in Australia? Contact Edington Agencies!

In 1991, Doug Edington introduced Queensland to a revolutionary idea: wholesale sourcing for the industrial field. He wanted to connect individuals to superior products and service. To do this he utilised both his own experience – for over thirty years he’d served as an electrical repair professional – and a vast network of distributor brands. This allowed him to bring premium Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) motors within convenient reach of the trade technician.

For over two decades Edington Agencies has delivered an exceptional collection of electrical products. Our dedicated team – all versed in fractional HP, high-efficiency motors, and more – understands the industry’s ever-changing needs. We adapt to these needs through top brand affiliations, experience, and sterling customer service. Our clients demand the best and we strive to always provide it.

Searching for HVAC motors in Australia? Edington Agencies promises to address all needs – sourcing favoured brands, identifying alternative options (should they prove necessary), and quickly dispatching orders. We streamline both the purchase and shipping processes to ensure local success.

We also help our clients maintain their reputations. It’s a competitive industry. One poor review can therefore cripple sales and strain customer relations. Having the right motor (whether DC, EC, or Geared) at the right time is key to achieving the necessary results. Trust in our large on-site inventory – as well as our fast sourcing procedure – to finish all repairs.

To learn more about HVAC motors in Australia and other electrical options, contact Edington Agencies today.