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Mitsuboshi Australia


Find Durable Belts: Shop for All of Your Mitsuboshi Australia Parts at Edington Agencies

Mitsuboshi in Australia provides top quality motor belts, ranging from v belts to timing belts to even special application belts. Mitsuboshi’s industry component line is one of the most durable lines available and is frequently requested for HVAC systems and machines. Since v belts and timing belts set the foundation for any machine, buying one from Mitsuboshi in Australia can be a quality investment that ensures your device operates as efficiently as possible.

Edington Agencies, one of Queensland’s largest independently owned and operated wholesalers of electrical motors and components, sells Mitsuboshi belts for manufacturers and other companies. Their Mitsuboshi line consists mostly of high-quality, reliable v and timing belts, as well as special application belts. Their v belts include classic, narrow wedge, banded, and perforated options. Their timing belts include both classical and metric, and their special application belts have variable and agricultural speeds. If you aren’t sure which specific belt type is best for your product, Edington Agencies can also provide tips and advice to help make your decision easier.

The next time your company is in need of Mitsuboshi belts or components, visit Edington Agencies at their Coorparoo location.