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Single Phase Motors Australia


Looking for Single Phase Motors in Australia? Contact Edington Agencies

A simple truth shapes the repair industry: single phase motors in Australia are vital. Through electromagnetic force they propel appliances forward – ensuring that fans, heaters, compressors, pool pumps, and refrigerators perform to consumer standards. Without them household technology would fail.

Preventing that failure is your job. As a repair service professional, you ensure that each single phase motor delivers the necessary results. There are times, however, when those motors simply can’t be saved. Replacements are instead needed and you find yourself scrambling for support, trying to access manufacturer inventories and negotiate prices.

Edington Agencies now spares you the frustration. We offer single phase motors to Australia’s industry workers, connecting them to the service they deserve and the brands they need. These brands include:

  • Ametek Lamb Electrical
  • Marathon
  • EBM-Papst
  • Torin
  • …. and more.

Accessing these manufacturers is no longer a challenge. Edington Agencies provides wholesale connections, pooling single phase motors (as well as three-phase motors, electric motors, and geared motors) for our clients. We find the best products to ensure that each job is quickly (and correctly) completed – and nothing proves more important than that. We help you secure your reputation by improving your supply chain and expediting the ordering process. Let us find a motor so you can install it.

Want to see a full list of single phase motors in Australia? Contact us today by phone (07 3397 4575) or email ( Our team will gladly answer any questions you might have.