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Ziehl Abegg Motors


Keep Your Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems Running, with New Ziehl Abegg Motors from Edington Agencies

When your business experiences an air conditioner breakdown or ventilation issue in the summertime, the results can be disastrous. Office environments become miserable places to work, and retail stores lose customers for no other reason than the stifling heat.

At Edington Agencies, we can help you to quickly source the parts needed to repair your air conditioning system to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Established in 1991, Edington Agencies has since become one of Queensland’s major independent wholesalers of all types of electric motors. Specifically, we have a huge stock of Ziehl Abegg motors in our supply chain. A German company known for their electric motors and fans for air conditioning and ventilation systems, Ziehl Abegg is more likely than not the manufacturer of the motor you need to fix your air conditioner and return to business as usual.

If you are having an air conditioning or ventilation system problem, give Edington Agencies a call. If a Ziehl Abegg motor can fix your issue, you can bet that we have it in stock. Our supply chain is just that reliable.

You can reach Edington Agencies today, by calling us on 07 3397 4575.